Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and also Happy Nevada Day for Nevada residents :)


A baked potato and a glass of wine, that my dears is an amazing dinner and a fabulous way to end a beautiful Sunday.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


My dears I have made a life changing decision. It is huge and will impact the rest of my life greatly. Here it is....I have decided to wear only matching panties and bras, and not only matching ones but beautiful ones, a set that makes me feel good. Now I know that clothes shouldn't make you feel good and all that but you know what they kinda have an impact. As I was getting dressed for work today I put on a decent bra and some unders that didn't match and were not cute. And I decided you know what, why not feel sexy under anything. So my dears that is my goal. Undergarments are expensive so this may take a while to build the collection I need for my life but I am going to start.

 I would also like to have her body, but hey I am happy with what I got and with start with matching lingerie and see where that takes me :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I dont how I forgot this shit...

I sure as hell didn't get my full experience at beauty school down today, I can't believe I forgot to mention this nonsense. I had to take a entrance exam, which was basic reading and math knowledge, so they put me in a room that is tiny and with three computers. So in this room there is 4 girls gossiping about this and that, which was fine, it was a basic test so I didn't really need to concentrate. But then about 6 girls cram into this room that is made for 3 people MAX, and are talking about how they have to sew something. Which I didn't care about except it was getting kinda tight but whatever. So the original girls tell them they need to be quit I am taking a test, trying to be respectful. The new 6 girls don't give a  shit, then a teacher cruises by and tells them all to get the hell out, cause I am testing. Well they glare at me and stand outside the door talking shit and this one bitch was tapping her foot, and the door had a window so the are glaring at me. It was ridiculous, and pissed me off. Thanks for listening to my rant. 

My day....

So I have decided that I want to go to nail school and become a nail technician. I went in and talked to a very prominent beauty school in my area today. The one I went to is 2 minutes away from my boyfriends house so I thought it would be perfect, BUT of course that my dears would be to easy. That school doesn't offer just a nail course I would have to go through hair, nails, makeup, with the majority of the time spent on hair. This means my search is still on for a nail school.

Other than that my day was pretty boring. I will have a post for a little something special I did for my boyfriend, but that my dears will have to wait until tomorrow. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am lusting after this planner. I have been lusting after it for damn near 4 months. So I started an envelope savings plan for it. Figuring that a couple bucks here and there being put in an envelope would make this splurge a lot easier. Well I am $20 away from having my money ready to invest and I am freaking out. How can I seriously spend this much on a damn planner when I have credit card debt? But I have been saving and putting money to my credit card to so can't I get a special treat? I have tried looking at other cheaper options and I can't stop thinking about this one. So I have no idea what I am going to do. I blame gala darling for this. But since I love her blog I can't really blame her.

Fresh Start

I am starting fresh!! I am really going to keep blogging and not do 12 posts then forget about it! So here's to me and my new blogging adventure :)