Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am lusting after this planner. I have been lusting after it for damn near 4 months. So I started an envelope savings plan for it. Figuring that a couple bucks here and there being put in an envelope would make this splurge a lot easier. Well I am $20 away from having my money ready to invest and I am freaking out. How can I seriously spend this much on a damn planner when I have credit card debt? But I have been saving and putting money to my credit card to so can't I get a special treat? I have tried looking at other cheaper options and I can't stop thinking about this one. So I have no idea what I am going to do. I blame gala darling for this. But since I love her blog I can't really blame her.


  1. Try Ebay and Amazon for good deals on new filofaxes!!

  2. Treat yourself! I find it so much harder to save if I never treat myself. Just promise yourself not to splurge for a long while after :)

  3. This will become your best friend! It will keep your life together and organized EVERY SINGLE DAY. It will be your constant companion and an everyday essential. In essence: money (very, very) well spent. Do it.