Thursday, October 28, 2010

I dont how I forgot this shit...

I sure as hell didn't get my full experience at beauty school down today, I can't believe I forgot to mention this nonsense. I had to take a entrance exam, which was basic reading and math knowledge, so they put me in a room that is tiny and with three computers. So in this room there is 4 girls gossiping about this and that, which was fine, it was a basic test so I didn't really need to concentrate. But then about 6 girls cram into this room that is made for 3 people MAX, and are talking about how they have to sew something. Which I didn't care about except it was getting kinda tight but whatever. So the original girls tell them they need to be quit I am taking a test, trying to be respectful. The new 6 girls don't give a  shit, then a teacher cruises by and tells them all to get the hell out, cause I am testing. Well they glare at me and stand outside the door talking shit and this one bitch was tapping her foot, and the door had a window so the are glaring at me. It was ridiculous, and pissed me off. Thanks for listening to my rant. 

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