Saturday, October 30, 2010


My dears I have made a life changing decision. It is huge and will impact the rest of my life greatly. Here it is....I have decided to wear only matching panties and bras, and not only matching ones but beautiful ones, a set that makes me feel good. Now I know that clothes shouldn't make you feel good and all that but you know what they kinda have an impact. As I was getting dressed for work today I put on a decent bra and some unders that didn't match and were not cute. And I decided you know what, why not feel sexy under anything. So my dears that is my goal. Undergarments are expensive so this may take a while to build the collection I need for my life but I am going to start.

 I would also like to have her body, but hey I am happy with what I got and with start with matching lingerie and see where that takes me :)

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