Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Importance of budgeting properly

I have been really good about putting my pay check into my account and not using for anything else than paying down my credit cards, phone bill, and saving. So I keep cash on hand, form my tips, for gas and small things I need. Well I had a doctors appointment last week and the doctors visit was $75 and the prescription was $34. I hadn't really budgeted for it. So I used my debit card and took the money out of my account and I had plenty to cover it but still I need to be better about planning for these things. I will have 3-4 more doctors visits at that price so I will be preparing for that now. But I also have my gyno app next week and am looking into trying a new birth control so I am not sure what the price will be. It is also a new gyno who does accept my insurance but I still am not sure what the office visit will cost. So I pretty much have automatic transfers coming out to savings and credit cards for the full amount of the paycheck I put in. I am thinking I will have to revise these even though I love the feeling of getting out of debt.

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