Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well I Guess

Since I did a update on my credit card #1 I figured I might as well do an update on all my other money matters.
So you know what credit card #1, credit card #2 is 1,109.44. My boyfriend actually offered to pay this off for me but I don't know. It would be nice but I kinda want to do it myself too.
My Credit Union Account:
Checking-  $100
Savings- $126.17
IRA- $211.59
  I for sure need to keep contributing to my IRA. I think I am going to roll it over to Wells Fargo since that is where I do the majority of my banking. I posted awhile ago that I had a small windfall and so I supplemented these accounts. I don't plan on using this money just letting it sit. I might add more to my savings if I have a little extra but these should basically stay the same.
Wells Fargo:
Emergency Fund Savings-$50.00
5 dollars a day-$175.00
Joint savings with boyfriend-$1000.00
I know my checking is low but I am putting my paycheck in the bank today. My check is $342.58. I am going to put 10% into my emergency fund savings, which will be $34.26. My goal is to be able to save 10% into savings every paycheck and then once I get my credit cards paid down start saving more into that account.

Envelope Savings-
$5 dollars a day- $485 Almost half way to my $1,000 goal
Nail School- $14 (If I remember I will post my goal on this one after this post)
Emergency Fund-$14 - I really don't know if I should be saving for this with my envelope system. I am kinda thinking I will continue doing everything the way I am until the end of the year and then re asses.
Medical Fund-$14
New Place-$14 (This is also what the boyfriend and I are saving for in our joint account)
New Car-$16

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